Prodtool® came about because all our customers need it!

100% idealized and developed by CZ Brains® advertising and technology agency, Prodtool® was created to bring mobility and productivity to any type of company.

We are a team...

…of curious young people full of desire. We were born simple but willing to change the relationship of the people around us with communication, technology and innovation. We want these three tools to be seen as they are, just as facilitators in the hands of those who want to make it happen.

Like every good doer we have learned that doing fast is the only way to make quick mistakes and correct them fast. Today, five years later, we break barriers and cross borders to do what we do best: the difference.


You, better than anyone else, can tell us who you want to be and where you want to be. Our mission is to serve with enabling tools for you and your company to achieve your goals.


We were born in Campinas and we aim for the world. We want to use communication and technology to go further, creating, inspiring and cultivating great friendships.


We like to learn and value many partners and talents willing to launch into new challenges and learn from us!

Many tools you see on the market have not been developed for the user and not even to solve problems. They were meant to impress at the meeting. We did not let this happen with Prodtool®. Our tool has no spasms. It is lean, simple and very functional. Prodtool® has been and continues to be developed for those who will use it. Usability and user experience will always be the compass for any decision-making process in the creation and development process.

Bruno Cezar Ferreira - Co-Founder CZ Brains® and Prodtool®

From where we came from

Like any good advertising agency, we are curious. It also means that we are intrigued and instigated by the new, so it is challenging. That’s how Prodtool® was born.

As the days went by, we realized that several clients needed to heal a single pain: Internal communication. It is true that every customer had his way and his favorite tool, but at the end the target was one. This fact sounded like a “bubble behind our ear,” and we soon began to ask ourselves how to give customers much more than inputs for an endomarketing campaign, such as giving them a powerful tool that would centralize or replace all others.

The answer soon arrived, and little by little it was being developed and stoned. It was as if we had a startup inside a communication agency. From MVP to the current version, Prodtool® is updated for the user. Each and every change is specially designed to better meet user usability standards.

With that in mind, we do not stop growing. The more we engage users in the platform, the more users engage themselves into their respective companies.

In certain way, companies already do what Prodtool® offers, but in a completely disorganized way, in several different tools. Prodtool® was born to centralize and organize.

Daniel Redaelli - Co-Founder CZ Brains® and Prodrool®

A little bit of our daily basis

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