Prodtool functionalities, features and benefits

Find out how we designed and organized this powerful internal communication tool.

Important notices before you start

Splash Screen Module

What matters most comes first!

The Splash Screen is the first image your collaborator will see before they can navigate the other features. A great way to advertise something that is of the utmost importance.

Everyone into the subject

Timeline Module

The message board will finally be read!

Post videos, pictures, sketches, and documents, allowing users to interact by giving a like and commenting on posts. Posts can be targeted only to a group of users.

Stay on top of what your team develops from anywhere

Interaction Module

A new format for discussion forums.

Platform managers open topics for users to post text, photos, and videos. Everyone can interact with the posts, and the manager, when appropriate, can evaluate posts with stars and private feedbacks.

Never again receive emails asking for the same files as always

Useful Downloads Module

Keep everything within everyone's reach.

A file drive for all users, (or for just a group of them). Users will be able to view, download or send these files via email directly from the platform.

Evaluate your team's understanding in real time

Quiz Module

Ask and evaluate without spending on handouts!

Create quizes with multiple-choice questions to train and evaluate your team. And of course everything has a report at the end!

Ongoing training and online training

Trainning Module

An incredible way to empower your teams!

Keep your team sharp with this powerful training module. Create unlimited courses and make your team much more productive and efficient.

Never lose an important tool link again

Useful Links Module

Even what is outside, is inside!

In an organized and visual way, provide your employees with links to everything that is not inside Prodtool®.

Spread the company culture for everyone

Institucional Module

For everyone to feel proud of the company!

Spread the mission, vision and values ​​of the company, institutional video, code of conduct, and all that is valid to enhance the engagement of your collaborator with the company!

Never again send photos via email or link

Image Gallery Module

To record and save moments.

Store, organize and share with your collaborators photos and videos of events, conventions, meetings, trainings and why not of your day?

Broadcast live to anywhere in the world

Live Module

To put everyone on the same page

Create rooms and conduct a live broadcast for the entire team! With Prodtool® it is possible to select people who can watch the transmission, as well as enable chat for interaction during the transmission.

Never again suffer to discover the contacts of someone in the company

Finding People Module

Agility to find contacts.

Use filters, search and find company people, and see basic information like avatar, phone, extension, email, region.

Have your team information in your hands at any time

Profile Module

Personal information always up to date.

In this module each person keeps their own information updated. This information can be found in the system administrative panel and HR is grateful!

Logo, name and colors. All set with your company's identity.

From the Prodtool® Starter plan, the name and visual identity of Prodtool® will be customized for your company. You will have a unique website and application for your internal team.

Segmented Contents

Smart Segmentation

All Prodrool® content can be viewed by only one or a few people.


With Prodtool®, people get more engaged because they only see content that is intended for the groups they belong to!

Unlimited groups

With Prodtool® you can create as many groups as you need: by position, function, region, processes, among others!

Reports that will change your perspective


Understand who are the most engaged, most involved, and contributing employees.


Measure performance and knowledge of employees with quizzes, surveys and video training.

Desktop, tablet and smartphone

You can access Prodtool® on any platform with internet access. For tablets and mobile phones, an app with the custom name for your business will be available in the App Store for iPhone and Google Play store for Androids.


New features that you find only on Prodtool®.


Prodtool® can be integrated with the company's AD so that employees are automatically inserted and excluded from the system.

Custom Modules

Prodtool® is prepared for fully customized modules for a specific need of your company.


100% encrypted information in a fully secure environment, regularly subjected to vulnerability testing.

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