Using social networks at work

CZ Brains®, an agency specialized in advertising and technology, was once again featured in the television media. In an interview with Rede Família, directors told the story about  Prodtool implementation, a corporate tool developed by the agency.
To offer what anyone connected to the digital communication world has at home to the work environment and offer the same tools of the most popular social networks of the planet without risks of a labor action of either party. For these purposes Prodtool was born.

Conceived as a communication tool for all sectors and companies of all segments, the platform offers employees and directors a new concept of “intranet” with a social network face, generating much more engagement on all involved parts.

In a dynamic way, everyone can keep up with what’s happening in the company in real time, interact with colleagues and access documents, trainings, communications and other information. Check out the article below (in Portuguese):