A tool to inform and engage employees

Relevance, engagement and reach – These are the primary goals of a company (if they are not, they should be) when creating their profiles on social networks.

There is no recipe and this is no easy task. But in a nutshell, to become relevant in networks you must deliver authentic, informative, interactive content and more. In addition to the news, it is necessary to expose a little bit of the DNA of the company. To illustrate, to become relevant it is necessary to “open the windows” of the company.

Reach is nothing but the number of people your message can reach. In the same analogy, imagine that you can now broaden the horizons of your communication and reach places and people you have not reached before.

Last but not least, engagement means that these people can respond to your communications. Engagement is the exchange of ideas, the exchange of experience, content. It’s talk, you know?
Now, with all this information, let’s go to Prodtool.

Our timeline is very similar to other social networks like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. There you can post content like gifs, images, videos or links, and your collaborators like, enjoy, comment and interact with the content. The great advantage is that in Prodtool you have total control.

In addition managing all contents, you can direct it to specific groups. This ensures that you become more assertive and that your ads, announcements, etc., are effective. Now, understand how to apply all these concepts:

Important events, incentive campaigns, a sudden change, dates and limits and countless other situations that can be communicated with posts.

In addition to informing, you need to motivate. Make your employees feel even closer and integrated with the sales and incentive campaigns. Post a video encouraging results.

Recognize performances
It is super important to give your team a role model. The timeline can help you with this. Make posts that recognize the teams that stood out, and reinforce the points that drove the results.

In order for an employee to feel that he or she belongs to the company, it is very important that he / she recognize their participation in the smallest details. Being able to comment on the menu of the week is just a small example. You can create dynamics and posts that motivate engagement, opinion and more.

Do you see? In addition to tracking content, segmenting, framing and reporting through the timeline, you can convey credibility and become relevant to your collaborators.