Gamification: A corporate world trend

Gamification is the strategy of interaction between people and companies based on the offer of incentives that stimulate the engagement of the public with the brands in a ludic way.

In practice, companies offer rewards to participants who perform predetermined tasks, aimed at recommending, publicizing, evaluating or attracting new customers to the brand.

Mechanics involve the definition of tasks that are in accordance with the company’s objective, the creation of rules and the application of monitoring systems. Rewards from user interactions can range from virtual incentives, such as medals (or badges, as usual) to physical rewards.

An interesting example is the GetGlue platform, where participants receive “awards” for their cultural activities, such as reading books, watching movies or TV shows. In addition to receiving virtual stickers that identify their “tastes”, users also have discounts and access to promotions linked to the cultural products they consume the most in the physical world.

The advantage of the model is that it instigates two strong characteristics of the human being: cooperation and competitiveness.

The increasing participation of people in social networks contributes to the creation of a fertile ground for the use of gaming mechanisms in the dissemination of brands, since there is a natural tendency of recommendation and interaction of the public with companies which they have affinity.

Source (in Portuguese) : Revista Exame Online